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Next up, we would like to clarify a few things about the Site News topic as follows: The reason the TITLE is “PS3 XMB Hole found; Blu-ray Back-Ups Bootable!!!” is because the originating media in hacked2123′s video was a Blu-ray Disc. As the game he chose happened to fit on a standard DVD-R, he opted to burn it to one (in this case) instead of using a Blu-ray Disc Recordable… which is logical as it saves money too. Not all PS3 games will fit onto a DVD-R, so it’s important to NOTE that some will require a BD-R using this ‘XMB Hole’ Method.

Finally, the way this specific PS3 XMB Hole works is that the OtherOS Installer does not verify the SELF it runs, and can run any properly-signed SELF file. Currently hacked2123 is using a SELF (HDD Formatter) from the recent $DK leak- this wipes the HDD and as a result, puts the PS3 into a ‘special’ Mode… which in turn authenticates the disc. It will BOOT the PS3 Blu-ray Back-Up (in this case on a DVD-R) fine, however, as stated previously it will not RUN the game… possibly because hacked2123 only tried with a DVD-R versus an actual Blu-ray Disc Recordable (which is the proper media for the PS3′s blue laser).

The steps involved were as follows:

Download Instructions by clicking here.

Update: Here is a brief update for the time being: For starters, as mentioned in our Past News we were going to examine the CELLFTP.self (which allows you to dump the PS3 side of the HDD). Unfortunately through experimenting, no open ports were found after a portscan. As a result, it would only return to the XMB without error… so for now we’re passing on this avenue.

Update #2: The DUDES @ Paradox have released Pirates_of_the_Carribbean_At_Worlds_End_USA_PS3-PARADOX today according to

Update #3: In unrelated news, iXtreme Firmware v1.2 for TS-H943 is now available for X-Box 360 fans!

Update #4: Just a quick update to finish the weekend… the PS3 XMB Hole below was tried on several consoles with Firmware above v1.11 (specifically v1.30-1.80) and unfortunately the renamed Mkfs.self [even after patching offset 0x73 from 03 to 00 and offset 0x74 from FF to 47] will only show “Press X to Start the Installer” plus “OK” and then throw a blackscreen followed by bouncing back to the XMB a few seconds after. Stay tuned this week, things should heat up… word is another cool leak may surface as well.

The method was discovered by a netizen that decides to go by the handle “hacked2123.” Using a SELF (HDD formater) from the recent SDK leak, he was able to boot a PS3 backup, but not run it. Others have speculated that this may be so because a DVD-R was used as the medium of the backup and not a Blu-ray Disc Recordable.



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